Andy Hopi

Olen 28-vuotias tamperelainen, joka on erittäin kiinnostunut ravinnosta ja liikunnasta. Suhtaudun intohimoisesti kehittymiseen sekä oppimiseen ja kirjoitan, luennoin sekä teen videoita näihin...



End of an Era

The very first post in blog was exactly one year ago, 20.10.2010. Now it’s time to write the very last post and move forward. Why? In this article I look back what happened in the previous year. I started to …

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Birth of Andy Hopi

I finally decided a domain, a theme and a name for my new site! ..and for me! I published my new site today and you can find it here. In the future I concentrate to developing it, but I write …

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What’s My Name Again?

It feels slightly arrogant to change my name.. But I still think I should do it! What’s My Name? If I want to brand myself worldwide I think that my name should be easy to say and remember. If someone …

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Get Rid of Useless Stuff

Earlier I wrote that I get stressed about useless stuff. Collective western thinking ”more stuff, more happiness” is not for me. I want to have only things I really need. Nothing more, nothing less. But sometimes it’s really hard to …

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What’s the Name of the Game?

I told that I’m going to start a new site at this month. But I really don’t know what would be the best solution for the name. We had a Sunday brunch yesterday and we discuss what would be best …

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Changing Language

Okey, I said that I want to learn english. But why? The main reason is very simple. There are so much more people speaking english than finnish. That means I can now reach many of them I couldn’t before. Of …

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Heading To England

I write my last posting that I wanna learn to write and speak english. And best way to learn is use language every day. So I start to think which is the best place for me at this point. I …

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Last Night In Tampere

I have lived 7 years at Tampere and tomorrow I’m gonna leave this city. This is great town but now it’s time to move on. I found a huge opportunity and decide to take a chance. That’s why I changed …

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Rantakuntoon 10 Viikossa | Viikko 10

Projektin viimeiset päivät olivat hiljaisia treenaamisen suhteen kahdesta syystä. 1. Olin päävastuussa tapahtuman organisoinnista. 2. Lähiaikoina tapahtuva muutto vei energiaa. Edellisten päivien toiminnasta ei raportoitavaa juurikaan löydy..

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Rantakuntoon 10 Viikossa | Viikko 9

Viime viikolla tapahtui erittäin mielenkiintoinen vahinko treeneissä! Kyseessä oli selkätreenipäivä, jolloin pääliikkeenä minulla on tapana vetää maasta viisi kappaletta viiden toiston sarjoja. Projektin alussa aloitin aika maltillisilla painoilla, ja olen lisännyt taakkaa hieman joka treenikerralla. Edellisellä kerralla 5 x 5 …

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